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Blogger of the Moment: Ryan Gargiulo – Pause the Moment

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The best advice given to Ryan Gargiulo of Pause the Moment? “Work hard, save money, and stay out of trouble.” These were the words of his father, and these are the words he lived by when he decided to cut back on spending, use every waking moment to work and make money, and save up for his lifelong dream to travel the world. After finding a good flight deal online, he impulsively purchased a ticket to Dublin and so began a 3 month journey through Europe.

The mission of Pause the Moment is not only to regale its readers with personal stories of travel, but also to motivate the masses to get on the road by offering tips on how to budget, save, and make money while traveling. The post: How We Saved Enough Money to Travel the World offers many easy tips to cut back on spending, increase money, and save for extended travel. 2008 was the beginning of tough economic times for many Americans, yet even during the recession Ryan and his girlfriend Liz were able to put aside enough money to travel 10 continents in 6 months.

Some of Ryan’s tips include reducing regular habits – such as smoking, daily espressos, eating out, drinking, and shopping – by half. Ryan took on several side jobs and learned many skills that would allow him the flexibility to freelance, in addition to working a full time job. He and Liz became avid coupon clippers, signed up for bank accounts that pay interest, and were commended by their electricity company for using 46% less energy than their most efficient neighbors, and 75% less energy than the average neighbors in their area. While some of these saving methods required sacrifices, many of his tips are easy to enact and require little effort.

The blog also gives money saving tips for specific travel destinations, including Egypt, India, Disney World, Boston, to name just a few. And, if those amazing resources weren’t enough to send you straight over to Pause the Moment, then their stunning travel pictorials are sure to lure you in and keep you entertained. Check out the traditional Egyptian Sufi collection and the Street Art Graffiti from Around the World to get some ideas on where you want to begin your next travel adventure.