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Blogger of the Moment: The Adventures of D

Blogger of the Moment – is OUR version of an “Online Trending Blog”

According to D, “life’s not about living happily ever after, it’s about living.” Diana, known as D, certainly knows how to live. Beautifully written, funny and engaging, The Adventures of D  is a charming blog about a 30-something Jewish woman’s travels around Europe and Africa.

There are so many great articles on this blog, such as “To be, or not to be... topless” on a European beach, where all the other women of different shapes and sizes have discarded their bikini tops, but you feel self-conscious. Or what it’s like “Being Jewish in Poland’s Krakow Jewish District”,  connecting to the sadness and despair of that region’s history.

However the most useful and entertaining features can be found in her “Preparing to Travel”  section where you will find a wealth of tips and tricks. Have you ever wondered whether it was better to travel by train or bus? Well, apparently buses are better because “they don’t have to stop at an entrance to a tunnel for 40 minutes so a train going the opposite direction can pass through” and “you don’t have to worry about avoiding eye contact. No one is sitting in front of you and facing you. The only thing you can stare at is the scenery out your window, or the back of the person’s head who is sitting on front of you.” On the other hand, trains are better because “You can walk around” and “you don’t have to worry about traffic.” Naturally, it all depends on where you are travelling and what your budget is, but this kind of blog post can be very thought provoking.

There is also a great post about Hostel etiquette. Some of the advice is glaringly obvious, like “Bring a lock. A good lock.” Whereas, you might not have thought about hanging a towel from the upper bunk bed if you need some privacy below. If you are considering trip to the Middle East, The Caribbean, South America or Africa, you will want to read Diana’s post about bartering. When shopping for touristy things, keep in mind that the prices are far from fixed. The merchants are making a judgement on what they feel you can afford and what they think you’ll be willing to pay. That’s what they base the prices on and they are desperate to make the sale. If you want to leave the market-place with the satisfaction of know that you didn’t pay four times the going rate, be sure to read “How To Barter Like a Pro.”

In short, this is a great personal blog with a variety of cool stories from D's travels.  Check it out and connect with 'D' on Twitter and Facebook.