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Blogger of the Moment: Traveling Savage

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If you have ever felt that your life is a never-ending cycle of “waking up; driving to work; eating lunch; watching TV; going to bed. And rinse and repeat.” With “no destination and no path, just one foot in front of the other,” then this blog is for you. Whether you are a frequent traveller or just like to dream at your desk, allow Keith Savage to take you on a journey as he explores the depth and breadth of Scotland. From the highlands and islands to Edinburgh and Glasgow, The Travelling Savage has got it covered.

Feeling bored and stuck in a rut, Keith decided to take a break from his “good” life, including his loving wife, cats and nice neighborhood to venture around his ancestors’ land with a camera and pen. His blog is a unique expression of his travels around Scotland and beyond. Poetic, heartfelt and complete with stunning photography and advice.

If for some reason, you’re curious about the art of making authentic Scottish Whisky, The Travelling Savage will let you know the best places to sample the beverage and find out about the basics of Whisky production.
What are the Shetland Islands like? Well not many people have reached Scotlands’ northernmost chain of islands, but Keith has beautiful photos and a genuine affection for the former Norwegian province that he’d like to share with you.

The blog also has a guest post by the Grantourismo duo of Lara Dunston and Terence Carter. The couple stayed in Edinburgh as the finale to their year-long grand tour, a travel experiment in living like locals and traveling more slowly, more sustainably, and more experientially. Another highlight of The Travelling Savage, is Keith’s guide to tracing your Scottish family tree.  Apparently over the last several hundred years, Scotsmen have emigrated across the globe, and so many folk from America, Canada and New Zealand will be surprised to know that they have Scottish ancestry.

In short, The Travelling Savage is a fun, personal view of Scotland through the eyes of a pretty cool guy, and is the perfect guide for anyone with even a slight interest in the little country north of England. A big thumbs up from the team at Find Meet Go to the Traveling Savage.