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If your idea of a good time is sitting around the table with close friends sharing heaping plates of freshly prepared, mouth-watering cuisines, then it’s time to combine your love of adventure with your love of food with a guided tour through the various food meccas of the world. From distinct, regional cheeses, and inventive chocolate truffles, and fresh-baked sourdough bread – these memorable tours will leave your taste buds tingling. And with food tours starting at just $31, you can afford to bring all of your closest friends along.

Tuscany – Starting at $40.00

Florence Wine and Cheese Tasting Tour: Settle into a cozy Florence wine bar for platters of complex wines and fresh, quality cheeses.

Tour of Tuscany’s olive oils and balsamic vinegar: Discover the traditional palette of Tuscany with a gastronomic odyssey through the country’s olive groves. Test varieties of olive oil and balsamic vinegar paired with fresh baked bread and home-made cheeses.

Tour of a traditional Florence chocolate shop: Top off the region’s famed Mediterranean cuisine with some decadent chocolate. An intimate tour is sure to delight your palate with chocolate flavors ranging from bitter, to sweet, to salty.
Amsterdam – Starting at $48.00

Amsterdam home-cooked dinner: Relax and enjoy the conversation as Amsterdam’s fresh culinary talent whips up a feast of local delicacies. Menus may include Flemish Fries, or Kroket – minced meat encrusted with a crunchy breadcrumb coating and then deep fried.

Amsterdam Food by Foot Tour: Wander through Amsterdam’s canal-lined roads while snacking on hot salty fries and herring, rich cheeses, and strong home-brewed spirits while taking in the iconic sights.
Paris – Starting at $48.00

Paris Wine and Cheese Tasting Tour: Ingrain the tastes of Paris in your mind with pungent Roquefort, smooth Brie, and delightful macaroons to top it all off. Visit literary, architectural, and modern hotspots and then top off your tour with more traditional French food: deliciously decadent cheese, salty cured meat, and rich pate.

Fish and Chips London Food Tour

London – Starting at $31.00

London’s Great Food Tour: Trek through British culinary traditions, including afternoon tea, pub fare, comforting pastries, and exotic ingredients blended into a variety of ethnic cuisines by chefs of world-wide fame.

The London Chocolate Tour is perfect for anyone with an incurable sweet-tooth. Follow a sinfully sweet path along London’s finest chocolatiers and come face to face with colorful cupcakes, chocolate ice cream, white chocolate truffles, pastries, and praline confections, just to begin with.

New York - $45.00

Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest Tour: New York City’s spectrum of food options is unrivaled throughout the world. From authentic chow mein, budget-friendly American fare like pretzels and hotdogs, to gourmet delicacies and decadent pastries, you’ll be faced with tempting options along every avenue. Make sure to start this tour on an empty stomach, because you won’t be able to resist homemade mozzarella, creamy cannoli, spicy Thai noodles, and Chinese ice cream.

NYC Chocolate Tour: Prefer to skip dinner and head straight to the dessert menu? Chocolate lovers will rejoice at the buffet of innovative truffles, unexpected salty sweet combos, traditional chocolates scattered throughout New York’s delightful dessert boutiques and pastry bakeries.

Chocolate Tour

San Francisco - $59.00

North Beach and Little Italy Tour: Fresh-baked sourdough wafting through San Francisco’s foggy sea air, mingles with fresh-roasted coffee beans, and hot Ghirardelli chocolate to create a delectable arome unique to San Francisco. Learn how truffles are made, see espresso beans roast, and watch professional pastry chefs in action while sampling local olive oil and specialty meats.

Chinatown tour: Immerse yourself in San Francisco’s extensive Chinese culture while sampling world-famous Dim Sum, freshly made fortune cookies, and an authentic Chinese tea ritual.

Portland - $75.00

Portland Food Cart Tour: Portland is one of the original food cart meccas in the nation, and is currently ranked the number 6 destination for wandering food-lovers. Bike along the eastern banks of the Willamette River, stopping off at whichever carts strike your fancy: from flame-grilled burgers to Thai curries to buttery pastries, you won’t be disappointed

Istanbul - $34.00

Experience a Turkish home-cooked meal and mingle with a generous family at the favorite local haunts. Feast on traditional fare such as bulgar with freshly picked eggplant and cucumbers, topped with sheep’s cheese prepared by a local family before settling in for popular pastimes, including backgammon while smoking tobacco from a Narglie (waterpipe).