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How to Support Yourself and Make Money While Traveling

How to Support Yourself and Make Money While Traveling

The most common question nomadic travelers get asked is: How can you afford to stay on the road for so long? The general consensus among professional nomads is that the commitment to travel requires both strong budgeting skills, as well as creativity for making money and saving costs while on the road. Here are some traveling tips from people who have been on the road for at least 5 years.

1)    Sell everything, buy nothing: Craigslist and Ebay make it incredibly easy to downsize your belongings and make quick cash. If you can’t use it on the road, sell it and contribute to your travel fund.

2)    Freelance: Take free web seminars on graphic design, web programming, building websites, blogging, or content writing and within a few months you’ll have a skill set that can be done anywhere in the world, so long as you have access to internet.

3)    Write an ebook: If you have a topic that you can offer advice on, writing the actual book should take too much of your time. Once the book is written, you will continually collect residual funds without having to lift a finger.

4)    Teach ESL in a foreign country: A 150 hour course is all it takes to become certified to teach English as a second language. Find an accredited TEFL school, and you’re set to make money in almost any foreign country you visit. There are many sites that list foreign teaching opportunities, such as:

5)    Au Pair: Au pairs generally receive room and board, as well as a small salary. If you have any babysitting experience, then you can make a decent Au Pair resume. If not, do that first to gain references. Then go online to an au pair site, such as, and begin looking for families in the destinations you want to visit.

6)    Volunteer: While you won’t be making money, room and board are generally covered, and you get to see a part of the country and culture that you otherwise wouldn’t if you were staying in a hotel or hostel.

Hopefully these tips will help you realize that you don’t have to wait for that perfect moment when you bank account balance is at an all time high to take the trip you’ve been dreaming of. Traveling requires taking a plunge into the unknown, and by assessing your specific skill strengths, there are ways to survive on the road with minimal starting funds.