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New Show Interest Feature Showcases Travelers Looking For Buddies!


Ever find that perfect tour, but don’t want to go alone?  Find Meet Go is a haven for travelers looking to meet up and go exploring around the world together.  What’s even better than making new friends and getting to experience a new adventure?  Saving money!  FMG encourages splitting accommodations to save some cash, and that’s exactly why a traveler can split hotel costs with another traveler directly in the booking process.  That’s right; you only have to pay half of the hotel costs in your travel booking.

The addition of the Show Interest feature on our site is just another way to help our users find their ideal companion in a fast and simple way.  Now every time you go on a tour page you can see all the other users that are interested in taking that particular tour.  By clicking on the show interest feature, you are prompted to fill in your estimated trip details.  Then we take it from there by creating your own unique post in the Travel Hub, and also a personalized spot on our show interest widget so that others know exactly which tour you’re interested in taking.

Like what you’re hearing?  Be sure to browse all the tours your interested in on, and find out if there’s the perfect travel partner out there for you!