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Books to Inspire Travelers

Looking for some inspiration to plan your next journey into the unknown? Or maybe your trip is already planned and you want to bring along a great read to encourage your traveling frame of mind. Look into these literary gems that will educate you on the diets, traditions, people, and idiosyncrasies of cultures around the world, as well as the personal lives of the travelers who experienced them.

Local Customs Bring a New Flavor To Any Destination

It’s On the Corner of Tango and Tango: Argentina

Known for its Tango, Argentina doesn’t let down.  On almost every corner you can see a spectacle of dancers showing off their expressive and stylistic South American dance moves.  Make sure to send a little money their way for watching, and maybe even learn a few steps!

Traveling with a Pocket Full of Pennies

As consumers we are constantly bombarded with billboards, pop-up advertisements online and TV commercials all asking us to spend our hard earned money on various products. If you are anything like me, those ads are so tempting and every so often I am persuaded to buy whatever is being advertised. At times it gets challenging to save and travel the way I would like to, so I have become very creative with my money and have figured out a few ways to travel with a limited budget.  

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