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Smart Ways To Find A Travel Buddy Online

Last December, I was planning on going on a trip to Hawaii with my best friend, but she cancelled on me last minute. So I had to decide- do I cancel the trip or go alone? I thought to myself, “I definitely want to go to Hawaii, but I’m not sure if I want to a solo adventure.”

Thankfully FindMeetGo provides a place to find other like minded people to travel with. The forum on the site has a bunch of users to browse through that are interested in meeting up with new people while traveling.  I know it may seem daunting to meet up with a random stranger and go on a trip, but traveling alone can sometimes get lonely and for women it can be unsafe.

Who knows? Meeting a new friend may not be as scary as I think, and my new travel buddy and I  might get along well and end up planning even more trips together. some people we click with and some people we don’t.  That’s why it’s great to get to know people on a site where you can interact with a variety of people who have the same interests. 

In our daily lives we meet new friends all the time. Whether it’s at work, at school, through an introduction or just happenstance. Some friends we keep for a lifetime, where others are simply good shopping buddies or a great partner in crime for that nights out on the town. Nowadays more and more of us are making new connections with people we meet online. A new travel buddy from FindMeetGo, who is interested in exploring the same places as you could end up being the perfect companion for your next trip.

So lets say I found a few prospects to join me on my Hawaii extravaganza, GREAT! However, it’s a lot easier to find a potential buddy than it is to actually decide if they are “the one”--so to speak.

Here are some easy ways to find people to go on a trip with:

1. Browse users on the travel hub

2. Add them as a friend on your profile

3. Look at their profile and check out their pictures and places they’ve been.

4. Do your homework – Google their name and see what comes up

5. Invite him / her to connect on a social network – those status updates can tell you a lot about the person, plus you can find out the kind of people he/she hangs out with.

6. Talk about travel related stuff and your travel plans at length.

7. Take a chance and meet up with them on your next tour.

There are so many people out there looking for the same thing you are, and with the tools that FindMeetGo provides, we hope you find it easy to make connections and possibly some long lasting friendships through your next trip together!