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Spend International Museum Day in San Francisco

May 18th, 2011 is a worldwide celebration of International Museum Day. This day is an occasion to raise awareness on how important museums are in the development of society.
 Since 1977, the International Council of Museum (ICOM) the International Museum Day (IMD) has become more popular with more than 30,000 museums that organised activities in more than 100 countries from America to Oceania, through Europe, Asia and Africa participating.  Each year the ICOM designates a theme. This year the theme is “Museum and Memory”

Museums preserve memories and help advance history and science, and educate young people. Museums also. They also hold a variety of artifacts that serve as evidence of our memory. Many of the objects are fragile; some are endangered and may need special care and conservations. Unfortunately, people don’t think about museums as being a critical piece of our educational system in the U.S. However internationally they seem to have more importance. Check out this video from a British Museum Association:

Museums allow us to interact with the real thing.  San Francisco has museums all throughout the city, many of which are included in the SF Go Card offered on Find Meet Go.  Why not spend International Museum day on a San Francisco Tour enjoying the Museum of Modern Art, or the Cartoon Art Museum? San Francisco is also home to the Exploratorium and the California Academy of Sciences, two Museums that will blow your mind. The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception. It is perfect for people of all ages, packed full of hundreds “explore on your own” type of exhibits. The Exploratorium entry is just one of many museums covered when you purchase a San Francisco City Pass.

Whether you are able to celebrate international museum day on May 18th or not, support your local museums as they can enhance your life and expand your learning horizons.