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Traveling with a Pocket Full of Pennies

As consumers we are constantly bombarded with billboards, pop-up advertisements online and TV commercials all asking us to spend our hard earned money on various products. If you are anything like me, those ads are so tempting and every so often I am persuaded to buy whatever is being advertised. At times it gets challenging to save and travel the way I would like to, so I have become very creative with my money and have figured out a few ways to travel with a limited budget.  

  1. Pack Breakfast- A protein bar or a packet of oatmeal is small enough to fit in your luggage and can save at least $5 a day. Breakfast on the road is cheap but its not as cheap as packing your own meal
  2. Hostels- Unless your travel companion has a connection for a decent hotel at a discounted rate, skip the hotel and opt to stay in a Hostel. Hostels will cut your accommodation expenses in half if not further.
  3. Leave the Diva in Hollywood – If you want to save money, swallow your pride and take public transit. Especially in Europe, public transit is great and very reliable and is actually a standard method of travel
  4. Don’t Sit Down for Meals – It may seem weird, but ordering food to-go is often cheaper. If you are in Europe standing at the bar and ordering is actually cheaper. Consider the farmers market as a place to pick up food as local produce is generally more affordable.
  5. Frequent the Liquor Store – Revert back to your college days and buy your beverage of choice to consume in your hostel or hotel room before you head to dinner or out for the night.
  6. Plan ahead- Airlines tend to provide reasonably priced flight prices if you book in advance. Also some tour companies have deals for advanced booking
  7. Jump off the Plane- Take the train or the bus. Bus tours and rail tickets are often much more pocket book friendly.

These are just a few options to consider when you want to take a trip but your bank account has limited funds.