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Welcome To FindMeetGo

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the FindMeetGo blog. The FMG  team thinks about travel, reads about travel, and lives a life full a traveling and adventuring. We spend our days dreaming of ways to better the online network and travel supplier we call home – FindMeetGo

The FMG blog will cover a whole range of travel topics including: low priced travel excursions, advice from travel experts, fun photos and videos, tips for student travel, trip planning ideas, and lighthearted travel news. The blog is intended to provide a place to find entertaining travel information and share travel experiences.

Whether you are new to FMG or a returning member FMG is happy to have you as a part of our community. On our website we have a forum known as the 'Travel Hub.' The hub is a great place to meet people throughout the world. Our goal is take the world of travel forums to the next level by providing not only other travel partners, but the elements needed to go on a vacation like a tour package. We invite you to be a part of our forum. Post in the forum to let other members know when you are planning a trip. When you get back from your trip tell other members about your experiences. FindMeetGo is about sharing experiences, but of course, we all want to save many so FMG provides a great opportunity to save money. If you want to book a tour with a newly met travel buddy, our website will cut the cost in half for you; you pay half and your new travel buddy pays the other half. This eliminates the need for one person paying the other, all of the billing is done in separate accounts.

One of the many beautiful things about  Find Meet Go is we offer day excursions like snorkeling and whale watching adventures. There also a variety  of add-on one hour tours for those who are not the 5 day tour type. These short duration trips allow you to travel to various destinations and always have things to do while in in Australia. Whether it is an adventure trip to Hawaii, Gap year travel, spring break vacation, Find Meet Go has something for everyone.

Meet new people, see the world, and have fun while traveling!