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What Are Some Realistic Travel Jobs?

Work on a Ship

Ever want to take a cruise?  How about live on one?  Well you’re in luck.  Positions on a tour boat are quite plentiful since they need people of all different professional backgrounds.  Some of the more popular positions include crew members, event coordinators, and ship photographers.  Have your own ship cabin, get free food whenever you want and maybe even get a glimpse of some of the yachts exotic pit-stops.

Another alternative would be to work on a traveling yacht crew.

Perfect: If you don’t mind the idea of spending an extended amount of time on the sea.

Work as an Au Pair

Working as a nanny is a great way to travel abroad and cover your costs.  Many nanny positions offer a live-in type of situation, so room and board are included in the job description.  Au-pairs are usually sought after as a long term position, so you’ll probably also receive a sense of stability in the position.  Your job could range from just being the typical babysitter, to being a mini chauffer for the child, or even a live-in chef.

Perfect... If you like kids and can entertain them and yourselves for an unlimited amount of time.  If you don’t mind living within a family unit where you will potentially be asked to fulfill your duties at any time.

Teach English Abroad

Why it’s so great? You can go almost anywhere, with very little experience, and work your way into the niche.  There are a gaggle of companies and organizations out there that provide programs that give potential abroad teachers everything they’ll need to start a career.  This ranges from covering the TOFL test, setting you up with initial accommodation, and placing you directly into a school in a country of your choice.  Sounds great, right?  Well these programs all cost a pretty penny.  Is it worth it or should you just try accomplishing all these things by yourself? 

Perfect... If the thought of creating your own lesson plans and commanding respect from a group that could range from little kids to adults doesn’t intimidate you.

Jump Ship and Take Your Chances

So you want to sell all of your material possessions, quit your job, and venture the earth as a world nomad?  These dreams are complete realities.  Once you realize what is valuable to you, cut ties to everything that’s holding you back and move forward.  This ideology is what the famous Matador Network has coined as “breaking free.”  The number one ingredient to make this sort of lifestyle work is passion. The number two is balls.  It’s a leap of faith, and the complete dedication to your dream is exactly what keeps it going.  The ability to pick up odd jobs is also a perk.  Who knows, in a year you might expand your skill set to include things like helping around with farm work in South America, harvesting grapes in France, or holding your own private English lessons in Korea.  When it comes to sleeping accommodations, you can Couchsurf your way across a country, check out airbnb for a “higher-end” alternative to hostels and free sofas, or go the earthy root and work for your stay using services like WOOF.  Incorporate your passions into your lifestyle.  Join a local club or team to meet.

Perfect... If you are an adventure seeker with little to no ties to begin with, that doesn’t mind living a minimal lifestyle with a great reward.